1. Focusing on Public Safety and Security. 

2. Emphasizing Family and Early Childhood Education.

3. Supporting Community Development Projects.

4. Creating Opportunity for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.

District 4: Hamtramck and Central Detroit.

Our constitution promises us the pursuit of happiness. We believe happiness lies within us together, as a family and community. Like many American's in our neighborhood, I believe in having a happy and peaceful life meeting basic necessities. At the same time, we want to make sure that our next generation does not face the same issues that we are facing today. That’s why we need to send a clear message to the State of Michigan about essential needs for our community development. We can lead the role successfully. We are committed to uphold our political rights.

I believe in people and our ability to make a difference. With your support, I would like to transform our school system into the most desirable school district in this area. We should bring new technologies and educational tools that would make our children equipped for the job market of this new century. We need job security for our residents. That's why, we need to start creating jobs that are in line with next generation of technologies, sustainability and diversification. This will ultimately ensure that our community experiences a stable job market and prosperity.

Every day, I see neighbors in this community struggle to pay their bills and put foods on their tables. I see businesses struggle to make their payrolls. It is our time to express our concern to the State of Michigan and draw their attention towards us. That’s why I feel obligated to take a stand and run for the State Representative in our area.

Change never comes easy and we still have long road ahead of us. By standing together and rising to the occasion, Michigan will continue to prosper. Please vote and provide us with your support. We are confident that together we will continue to move District 4 forward and make it a better place for our families to live.

Please support us with your valuable and trusted vote. We will work together for a common goal of creating a prosperous community. 


Syed Rob, Democratic Candidate For State Representative 4th District

Syed Rob Campaign
Phone: 313-73ROB75

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